Impressive Selection for any Occasion

Solar thermal

  1. Solar Flat Plate collector water heating system
    Sturdy and durable equipment
  2. Long lasting
  3. Maximum heat absorption and retention
  4. Backup Electric heater for cloudy days
  5. PUFF insulated SS tank for durability and efficiency
  6. Pressurized and heat exchange systems
  7. Reliable. Affordable. Versatile
  8. Scarifical anode for tank protection
  9. customization as per the need of the customer
  10. Black chrome selective coated collector for more efficiency
  11. large no of installations
  12. Effective Industrial Applications
  13. Easy to Install
  14. Bigger systems with force flow circulations possible

  • Solar Water Heater with Evacuated Tube collector
    Latest Solar Water Heating Technology
  • Specially designed for Indian Conditions
  • Highly economical, Energy Saver
  • Good Thermal Efficiency
  • Best Vaccum insulated Glass Tube
  • Special Grade Borosilicate Glass Tube
  • Special Double & Triple Layered Glass Tube
  • Occupies less space compare to the Flat plate system
  • Installation is possible in hard water area
  • PUFF insulated SS tank
  • Electrical backup provided for cloudy days
  • Nil maintenance
  • Long life
  • Avaliable in Various Capacities
  • Starts heating quickly
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