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Solar Rooftop

A rooftop photo voltaic strength system, frequently acknowledged as a rooftop PV system, is a photovoltaic (PV) device with electricity-generating photo voltaic panels hooked up on the roof of a domestic. Technology, modernization, and mechanisation have created a unending demand for electricity, which is mirrored in our sky-rocketing electrical energy bills. In our efforts to meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity, we are contributing to the depletion of herbal resources, air pollution of the environment, and hazardous climatic change. Alternative and renewable electricity sources are the solely options to this impending problem. And photo voltaic strength will be a using pressure in making the earth a greener, cleaner planet.

Area of Application


Rural Electricity

Street Light


Industrial Applications

Livestock Applications

Rural Development

Agricultural Applications

How does a solar rooftop work?

Rooftop photo voltaic panels remember on the photo voltaic cells’ capability to seize the sun’s electricity and convert it to power. It is made of a tiny, square-shaped semiconductor that is produced from conductive substances such as silicon. When daylight reaches the photo voltaic cells, chemical strategies occur, releasing electrons and ensuing in the era of electric powered current.

Types of solar photovoltaic solutions

  • Solar PV structures that function on the grid do now not require batteries for storage. Different kinds of inverter science can be used to swimsuit your desires and convenience.
  • A hybrid photo voltaic PV device is a ideal integration of batteries and the grid. Existing masses are treated first, accompanied by using charging batteries, and in the end connecting to the grid.
  • An off-grid device is a photo voltaic PV machine that is absolutely off the grid.
  • Solar power feeds the batteries in this system, and electricity is delivered to hundreds from the batteries.
  • A photo voltaic water pump is a entire water pumping device that runs on photo voltaic power through photovoltaic panels. The employment of a photo voltaic water pump for irrigation is extraordinarily beneficial. Solar road lights use photo voltaic electricity to brighten streets or different open areas. Solar road lights are an excellent, budget friendly answer now not simply for metropolis dwellers, however additionally for these who stay in rural areas except get admission to to energy.


Solar rooftop for domestic set up is a low-priced choice for virtually everybody to get commenced on a greener, cleaner, and much less costly route ahead.

Commercial & Industrial

Solar rooftop structures for industrial and industrial constructions will supply a robust return on funding via utilising unused roof space.


Solar rooftop structures assist meet the strength wants of establishments such as schools, colleges, universities, lookup organisations, and non-profit organizations.

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Solar On-Grid System

The grid-tied, on-grid or grid-interactive solar device is the most frequent kind of PV system.


Solar Off-Grid System

An off-grid photo voltaic gadget is fine suitable for far off areas with bad or no get entry to to he any kind of grid.

Solar Hybrid PV System

A hybrid photo voltaic machine combines the first-rate from the grid-tied photo voltaic machine and the off-grid device

Solar Water Pumps

Solar powered pumps assist farmers grow to be grid unbiased and self enough in water resources.

Solar Street Lightings

The construction of this solar light is sea front-resistant, work without trouble in all weather conditions