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Solar Pumping System

Solar Pump

People are turning into greater aware of air pollution and the results of greenhouse gases on the environment. In this scenario, the use of environment-friendly and sustainable energies like photo voltaic electricity is gaining popularity. Striving to supply our future a cleaner and greener planet, Nuetech Solar’s vary of notable excellent photo voltaic pumps is decided to provide the best.

Agriculture is the lifeline of a country like India. Research and development to help the agricultural sector grow more is always on. Affordable equipment, higher yields, and a profitable market are the focus of this endeavor. For this reason, a solar water pump is a perfect fit and is the farmer’s best friend.

What is a solar pump?

Basically, a solar pump is a type of electric pump that runs on electricity generated by solar panels. The energy for these panels comes from the sun. This VFD is utilised to change the speed and output power.

Working Principle

The photovoltaic principle is used to power a solar pump. PV (photovoltaic) systems absorb light energy and convert it to electricity during the operation of a solar pump. This generated electricity is supplied to the entire system. The pump’s VFD controls the frequency of motor. To provide the best power point tracking, these VFD modify the output frequency and voltage in real-time, adapting to variations in sunshine intensity.

Components of solar pump

  • Water pump
  • Solar batteries
  • VFD
  • Solar Panels

Types of solar-powered water pumps

  • Submersible Solar Pumps
  • Surface Solar Pumps
  • DC Solar Pumps
  • AC Solar Pumps

Key Advantage

  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Works without fuel
  • Easy to transport from one place to another

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